Events | May 23, 2018
And The Winners Are...
Designow Studio
DESIGNOW couldn’t be more excited to announce our top 3 FIT X DESIGNOW Senior Challenge... Read on
News | May 30, 2018
More To TELL
Designow Studio
When you meet Frank Tell the first thing you notice is his boundless energy. Tell’s... Read on
News | May 1, 2018
ANNA: The Secret Is Out
Designow Studio
Since 1995 there’s been one NYC-based store that all the it girls and fashion insiders... Read on
Events | April 14, 2018
Lights. Camera. Activism.
Designow Studio
As part of DESIGNOW’s continued partnership with Sophie Elgort’s Through Our Lens, a... Read on
News | January 9, 2018
Introducing: Joshua Mudgett
Designow Studio
School:The New School: Parsons School of DesignAge:24Hometown:Pembroke, New HampshireWhat... Read on
News | November 29, 2017
Designow Studio
Get to know the latest DESIGNOW collaborator: Eric Christian. An avid traveller, he... Read on
News | November 3, 2017
Junghan Lew X Designow
Designow Studio
DESIGNOW shines the spotlight on the THE COLLECTIVE 2017 winner: Junghan Lew. ... Read on
Events | September 15, 2017
Designow Studio
Whether they’re steering the creative course of brands in New York or in Europe, the... Read on
Events | September 20, 2017
Designow Studio
For those of you who don’t follow Stefano Gabbana on Instagram (@stefanogabbana), you’re... Read on
Events | September 26, 2017
Designow Studio
You could be forgiven for thinking it’s Couture Week, after seeing the delightfully over-... Read on
Events | September 7, 2017
Designow Studio
By the time you read this, the fashion flock will have landed in Paris for the last leg... Read on
Featured Members | September 15, 2017
Lisa Dengler X Designow
Designow Studio
From fittings to fabulous, watch Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog work with... Read on
News | September 9, 2017
Designow Studio
DESIGNOW members have spoken and we’re expanding our service offering beyond producing... Read on
Featured Members | July 18, 2017
(Laser) Cutting-Edge
Cinzia Brandi
New Designer to Watch!When opportunity knocks…answer it! Rachel and Tucker, creators of... Read on
News | July 15, 2017
Good Jeans
Designow Studio
In case you’ve somehow missed the spring cleaning memo: it’s out with the old and in with... Read on
Featured Members | July 7, 2017
French Twist
Naomi Rougeau
Imagine, you’re a recent Parsons grad and a Paris native. It’s July--certainly you’re... Read on
Events | March 30, 2017
Designow Studio
ICYMI - Check out this exclusive look into the Designow pop-up shop launch party!Taking... Read on
Featured Members | June 28, 2017
New Tradition
Naomi Rougeau
“I wanted to recontextualize such a traditional garment, and turn it into something that... Read on
Inspiration | June 15, 2017
Designow Studio
It’s lemonade season. That’s right; this Beyoncé inspired summer trend is calling on... Read on
Inspiration | June 16, 2017
Clinic Magazine
Svetlana Blasucci
Clinic, founded in 2017, lives up to their name. Unlike a wide variety of magazines that... Read on
Events | May 22, 2017
Talk Shop
Naomi Rougeau
On Monday, May 22nd, Designow welcomed over a dozen editors and influencers to its... Read on
Featured Members | May 26, 2017
Fashion, music, and art are always inspiring, but even more so when one directly... Read on
Featured Members | May 2, 2017
Photo Finish
Naomi Rougeau
Having grown up on the sets of some of the most iconic fashion shoots of all time,... Read on
Featured Members | May 1, 2017
Naomi Rougeau
Since launching his runaway hit blog One Dapper Street only five years ago, menswear... Read on
Events | April 2, 2017
Designow Studio
THE COLLECTIVE x DESIGNOW is not just another student fashion show. We’re offering 28... Read on
Featured Members | March 22, 2017
Printed Matter
Cinzia Brandi
Artist Isabella Huffington is quickly gaining notoriety for her kaleidoscopic collages... Read on
Inspiration | March 15, 2017
Spin the Color Wheel
Naja Lewis
Feeling Bored and colorless?…  p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 16.... Read on
Featured Members | February 27, 2017
Naomi Rougeau
Jetsetting men's style guru Marcel Floruss takes time out of his busy schedule to try his... Read on
Inspiration | February 22, 2017
Fashion Fights Back at NYFW
Yasmine Gray
It seems that the theme of this season’s New York Fashion Week was overwhelmingly not... Read on
Featured Members | February 16, 2017
Rock Gods Get New Leather
Designow Studio
Proud of our uber cool Ambassador who is always on the forefront of fashion and a great... Read on
Inspiration | February 13, 2017
Who's That Girl?
Paula Fernandez Martinez
“When Beatrice and I started working on this story, we wanted to portray a powerful and... Read on
Featured Members | February 9, 2017
Meet Michael Costello
Cinzia Brandi
We first met Michael Costello as a finalist on Project Runway; but his success certainly... Read on
Inspiration | January 31, 2017
Designow Studio
Ngawang Tsetan was 14 years old when he was electrocuted. It happened in the small... Read on
News | January 6, 2017
Proportion Play
Ashleigh Murphy
By now we know that fashion is cyclical. After a certain amount of time collecting dust... Read on
News | November 17, 2016
Designow Studio
The Ruthie Davis x Designow capsule collection has finally arrived! The result of this... Read on
Featured Members | October 28, 2016
Meet Ruthie Davis 
Cinzia Brandi
Dynamic, athletic and fierce – all in 5+ inch heels!  Though you may know... Read on
Featured Members | December 8, 2016
Oh! Miss Alissa
Arianna D'Andrea
Alissa Laderer attributes her seamless transition into the blogging world to her acting... Read on
Featured Members | August 14, 2016
His Name Is Rio
Ingrid Schmidt
Originally hailing from Ikoma, Japan, 25-year-old Ryosuke “Rio” Kimura landed in New York... Read on
Featured Members | November 8, 2016
Positively Fascinating
Cinzia Brandi
Take a look behind photographer Douglas Friedman’s camera and you’ll find a... Read on
Featured Members | December 21, 2016
Crossing Boundaries
Cinzia Brandi
Senior thesis collections stormed the runway, crossing one another in a state of... Read on
Inspiration | September 7, 2016
Madison Schill
Inspiration, for a long time, has stemmed from singular individuals - people we paste on... Read on
Inspiration | September 28, 2016
Made to Measure
Naomi Rougeau
Thanks in part to our Instagram-obsessed culture there’s one hashtag you won’t find me... Read on
News | October 13, 2016
Future Perfect
Naomi Rougeau
Fashion Week? Try Fashion Month. Four cities, 27 days (officially) and countless... Read on
Inspiration | October 14, 2016
Storm Ritter & Graey Studio
Is it 'gray' or is it 'grey'? One of life's greatest mysteries – also the meaning behind... Read on
Featured Members | November 2, 2016
Winged Beauty
Naomi Rougeau
Having made a name for herself with her signature butterfly prints and ultra-feminine... Read on
Inspiration | July 18, 2016
On Set
Maral Satari
Special thanks to our team!Creative Direction Brian BennerPhotography ... Read on
Featured Members | July 11, 2016
Omaha’s Got Talent!
Cinzia Brandi
It almost seems unfair to call 19-year-old Parsons freshman Kate Walz a design student.... Read on
Inspiration | December 16, 2016
Get Your Pout to Standout
Edward Cruz
In partnership with Mary Kay and created by Instyle, solve your winter makeup woes with... Read on
Featured Members | July 11, 2016
The 3D Seamstress
Cinzia Brandi
It seems appropriate that Snezhana Paderina’s given name translates to “Snow White.” She... Read on
Events | December 6, 2016
Black Fashion Designers
Ashleigh Murphy
Black Fashion Designers, the latest exhibition at the Museum at FIT, examines the effect... Read on
Events | December 5, 2016
The Fashion Awards
Ashleigh Murphy
The British Fashion Council, in partnership with Swarovski, will present The Fashion... Read on
Inspiration | December 16, 2016
Get Perfectly Glowing Skin
Edward Cruz
In partnership with Aveeno and created by InStyle, perfecting skin has never been easier... Read on
Inspiration | July 18, 2016
Twisted Photography
fernando paz
Featuring the following up and coming designers: James Chapman, Monica Wright and... Read on
News | September 1, 2016
The New Normcore
Nora Maloney
Everywhere from the streets of New York City to Sydney to Seoul – the “cool girl”... Read on
News | August 15, 2016
Texas Rising
Naomi Rougeau
New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Austin. Yes, Austin, you heard correctly. The booming... Read on
Featured Members | July 28, 2016
Han Wen
Nora Maloney
Parsons x Kering Empowering Imagination design competition saw 12 finalists this year but... Read on
News | August 15, 2016
New Direction
Naomi Rougeau
From the Uber v. cab driver feuds to self-checkouts at the supermarket, “disruptor” has... Read on
News | September 13, 2016
Bright Horizons
Naomi Rougeau
Sure, the fashion industry’s abuzz with the return of Tom Ford and Raf Simons recent... Read on
Featured Members | September 19, 2016
Under the Influence
Ashleigh Murphy
Dressed in head-to-toe black – signature downtown Manhattan attire – Abby Adesanya had an... Read on
Featured Members | August 10, 2016
Helder Diego
Naomi Rougeau
“We’ve been there, sitting, watching buyers pass you by. It’s a huge expense and an... Read on
Featured Members | September 30, 2016
Above and Beyond
Ashleigh Murphy
“It began with a Christmas present,” Kotowska said of her entry into the fashion world.... Read on
Featured Members | August 31, 2016
Renaissance Women
Naomi Rougeau
Ever wander through an art museum, marvel at the garments depicted, and wish they could... Read on
Featured Members | August 30, 2016
A Holistic View of the Arts
Marisa Flacks
Parsons' B.F.A Fashion Design student Jamileh Nadelmann expresses her desire to not only... Read on
Events | September 21, 2016
heroine. an exhibit
Ashleigh Murphy
Artist, entrepreneur and Designow Charter Member Isabella Huffington is displaying her... Read on
News | July 11, 2016
The Beauty of Bold
Ashleigh Murphy
Riffs on high-impact, op-art stripes showed up nearly everywhere, from Christian Dior and... Read on
Events | August 29, 2016
Stockholm Fashion Week
Ashleigh Murphy
Stockholm Fashion Week is the leading fashion week in Northern Europe. Both established... Read on
Featured Members | September 20, 2016
Star Wars style
Born in Moscow, Russia, Anna Kalabina is a sophomore student at Parsons School of Design... Read on
Inspiration | July 11, 2016
Havana's Memories
Ashleigh Murphy
"I was born and raised in Southern Sweden where the big sky and earth meet in one line... Read on
News | July 11, 2016
Designer Burnout
Madison Schill
A career in design begins as most others do. One leaps in, exuberant with “first day of... Read on
Events | October 17, 2016
Amazon Fashion Week
Ashleigh Murphy
Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo is a fashion festival held bi-annually, showcasing the next... Read on
Events | October 17, 2016
Seoul Fashion Week
Ashleigh Murphy
Seoul Fashion Week is a bi-annual fashion business event, whose goal is to become one of... Read on
Events | October 12, 2016
Shanghai Fashion Week
Ashleigh Murphy
Shanghai Fashion Week is the largest fashion event in China. Celebrating the works of... Read on
News | July 11, 2016
Designing the Future
Glenn Belverio
Forward-thinking fashion designer Sylvia Heisel, who launched her career in the early ‘... Read on
Events | July 19, 2016
LA Swim Week Fashion Show
Nora Maloney
Swimwear designers from around the world come to LA, the city of sun and surf, this week... Read on
Events | May 20, 2016
Arianna D'Andrea
Uniforms are the antithesis of high fashion. Where uniform design focuses on notions of... Read on
Events | July 11, 2016
Urban Oasis Education Tour
Ashleigh Murphy
An unparalleled fashion experience, the Urban Oasis educational tour takes attendees on... Read on
Events | September 21, 2016
Milan Fashion Week
Nora Maloney
Ready to see what Jeremy Scott comes up with this season? Well, look no further because... Read on
Events | September 16, 2016
London Fashion Week
Nora Maloney
It’s la-la-la-London time!From September 16th through September 20th, Fashion Month moves... Read on
Events | June 12, 2016
Punk in Britain
Naomi Rougeau
In celebration of the 40th anniversary of punk music, Punk in Britain is an exhibition... Read on
Events | May 11, 2016
Pierre Paulin
Naomi Rougeau
The exhibition on Pierre Paulin showcases over seventy items of furniture, and about... Read on
Events | June 1, 2016
Ashleigh Murphy
PHotoEspaña 2016 is the nineteenth year of celebrating photography in Europe, and is... Read on
Events | April 15, 2016
Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty
Naomi Rougeau
Organized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Iriving Penn: Beyond Beauty is the... Read on
Events | June 4, 2016
Berlin Biennale
Naomi Rougeau
The 9th Berlin Biennale is taking place throughout various exhibition spaces in Berlin.... Read on
Events | August 26, 2016
Ashleigh Murphy
For the 10th anniversary of ART-O-RAMA, an exclusive selection of 21 international and... Read on
Events | May 1, 2016
Aldo Bakker. Pause
Naomi Rougeau
Aldo Bakker. Pause is the first retrospective dedicated to the Dutch designer. His... Read on
Events | May 5, 2016
Manus x Machina
Ashleigh Murphy
Merging designs descending from both manus, hand, and machina, machines, the Manus x... Read on