School: Fashion Institute of Technology


Age: 20


Hometown: Brooklyn, New York


What do you love about fashion?


Fashion to me isn't just about the pretty, cute, or sexy… it’s more than that. I believe it's more about culture, art form, design, and emotions that can't really be defined. Around the world, everyone has a different idea of fashion. The "idea" doesn't matter until there is a change to viewing fashion as wearable art and a way of self-expression versus “fast fashion.” The underlining of each designer’s concepts, ideas, visions, and themes for creating a certain look or design can change how we see fashion globally or even just locally, and can have a small or large impact on how it is then understood by the masses.


What/who inspired you to become a designer?


I don't think it’s a what or who because I was always a creative child growing up, making my own personalized cards and sewing things out of paper, cutting up my mother’s dress at the age of 5 and getting punished for it, and always doodling on my school homework thinking to myself that I didn't fit in and I would change that when I got older to make a difference in fashion. I never looked up to designers when I was younger. I lived in a very strict, protective, and Christian home that didn't let me explore creativity or myself. But I remember in my elementary yearbook under my name it said  "When I grow up I want to be..." and I wrote "a fashion designer.”


How would you describe your design style?


High-end street wear. I just love mixing things—prints, embellishments, colors, patterns, textures, and construction. All those small details make a woman feel special when they wear my garments.


What is the name of your collection and the inspiration behind creating it?


Lost Heritage. As a native New Yorker born and raised in New York City by two immigrant parents, then only being raised by my Dominican mother until the age of 15 and having to leave my Mexican side behind, I came up with the concept of "Lost Heritage.” It is the mixing of embellished items and the tailoring of traditional construction in high-end clothing along with the toughness of everyday streetwear, styled with a flavor that only New York City understands. Having a strong sense of Mexican culture, religion, and arts, parallel with different ideologies of today and of the times is what makes this capsule collection authentic and original to my aesthetic and persona.



Lost Heritage Collection

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