Vinyl Jacket + Lycra Activewear set

Vinyl Jacket + Lycra Activewear set
Designer notes
This activewear look was inspired by architectural floor plans as shown in AutoCAD. The full vinyl jacket is constructed with over 200 pieces of plastic that are pre- topstitched and cut in various pieces that resemble shapes and icons used in AutoCAD. The top worn underneath is made from iridescent lycra and has a sheer back bodice. The leggings are plain black with clear plastic inserts at both side seams.
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1 year 7 months ago
Hon, you are a super talented and gifted upcoming designer. We are sooo proud of you. Keep striving and doing your best, always. Remember it’s not the numbers that makes one the best. It’s the guality and practicality. You aced it! Love Mom
1 year 7 months ago
This blew my mind. During your description I was trying to see how it would look in detail, but I was no where close when I saw the close up shot . This is beyond technical amazing. You were created to create. Bright future in fashion destiny.