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Ascending into Fashion: Arianna D’Andrea

Arianna D’Andrea is a perfect example that one doesn’t need to be technically-trained to be a good designer. When fashion is in your DNA, design-worthy ideas come naturally.

Seeking to make a name for herself in the world of film and television production, Charter Member Arianna D’Andrea from New York City fell into the world of fashion design almost entirely by chance. With little to no technical background skills, D’Andrea’s sole connection to the fashion industry was through her parents – a fashion photographer father, and a stylist mother. She claims she had “always been surrounded by fashion, but never really considered testing it out” for herself.

D’Andrea spent most of her childhood on photo-shoot trips with her parents, sitting under her fathers’ tripod and observing the shoots unfold day by day. Due to this constant contact with the fashion world, she never viewed it as the “unattainable, magical” world most make it out to be; rather, she believes her “realistic and practical” viewpoint on what fashion truly entails is what led her to seek out other career interest.

Nevertheless, her love for fashion throughout the years was undeniable, inevitably leading her right back. Her style is self-described as “minimalist and clean, with a modern twist.” Having grown up in an Italian household in New York City, her sense of style always merged elements of European fashion taste, paired with current trends in Downtown New York. 

On occasion, this dichotomy made it more difficult to find exactly what she was looking for to complete her outfits – which never fell fully under either umbrella – leading her to mixing and matching of all sorts. D’Andrea is now hoping her designs will fill this space in the industry, bringing together European sophistication with the American “cool” factor. We can only imagine that her study abroad in Paris will add also a touch of “chic” to her already cosmopolitan style.

Upon hearing about the Designow challenge, she decided to transform some of her fashion doodles into sketches and see how far she could take it! Currently, her festival-inspired boho crop is up for sale on Designow – snag it while you can!


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