Sequences Look 3

Sequences Look 3
Designer notes
The essence of a sequence also has to do with time. Therefore, I dyed my garments with photosynthetic dye, where the color over time, develops when exposed to UV light (the sun). I wanted to emulate the event where forgotten things fade in color when left out in the sun. They have changed, yet still the same; I want to convey the strange yet familiar feeling that things will change even if they are left alone, not better nor worse, just different, even if the thing itself is still the same. The roots of the paintings are the symphony Bolero which is impressionist music, flowing and emotional. The roots of these garments are the paintings. Therefore I tried to emulate brush strokes with flowing pleats, some enveloping the body, some in unexpected places. My garments are also impressionistic, romantic and emotional. In the end, the music, the painting and the garments, the way they are connected is very clear visually and audibly.
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